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"Thanks for participating in our live demo for the New York State Cybersecurity Conference" "huh? " "I mean, our chat was displayed on a big screen in front of 300 in a conference in Albany, NY" "bye" That was the end of just one of three live, simultaneous chat windows operated by an FBI agent and a police officer at yesterday's NYS Cybersecurity Awareness Conference.The FBI agent was showing us how incredibly fast it would be for a child to be approached by an online predator if they wandered into the wrong public chat room.In the mid 1990s, when America Online was synonymous with the web, the Internet had not yet achieved its destiny as a place where people gather to share memes, troll articles written by members of an opposing political party, and pursue the Sisyphean goal of inbox zero.Even earlier, the world wide web’s roots as a tool for scientists held sway.

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In September of 1993, however, America Online (Aol) of a civil, relatively singular Internet culture.

How could the company keep parents from barring their children from chat rooms like the sketchy park down the street?

The company did so by following the model high schools use to police prom: employees recruited large numbers of volunteer monitors to supervise its chat rooms and act as “community leaders.” The only problem was that unlike a high school, Aol was a massive Internet company.

That's why we've got a range of great products to help you connect to your online world and keep you safe while you're at it.

From Mail to Desktop to a range of Premium Services, it's all just a click away! Take your AOL world with you wherever you go with our mobile app.However, according to Arstechnica, AOL is going to turn off access to OSCAR for third parties.