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15-Aug-2017 12:22

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Women and girls in Turkana County, northern Kenya, are being exploited in exchange for money to buy food, the International Rescue Committee said today.

“The IRC’s work with women and girls in northern Kenya has served as a critical lifeline for those who have experienced sexual gender-based violence and others forced to engage in sex work to survive,” said Conor Philips, Kenya country director at the International Rescue Committee.

- Kenyans are appalled by a new video which has been making rounds online- it shows a man and a woman simulating sex at one of the many drinking dens in Nairobi - A snippet of the three-minute long video also shows a lone ring on the woman's finger, suggesting that she is probably married Most users who watched the shocking video said that the woman had a ring on it.

The rest of us that didn't bother with the ring on her finger were treated to a different spectacle- a live dry sex show!

The National Super Alliance party candidate said on Monday in his local Dholuo dialect at a rally in Homa Bay in western Kenya that his supporters should only have intercourse after the results are announced.

This pronouncement follows a similar one in June when he explained that “when you are going for war, sex is a bad omen.” This is a common belief in many parts of Africa.Women empowerment seems to have whittled down the power of slut-shaming and the general stigmatisation of women who engage in behaviour judged to be promiscuous or sexually provocative.