Dating on and off again

28-Dec-2017 06:20

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Both people are in some ways hurting each other but the attraction and chemistry is so strong that they can’t imagine life without the other.It is as if they’re locked in what I call “.” Instead of responding to each email question (which frankly I can’t, because of the number of email questions I receive daily) I thought it might help to write a small post instead.It’s always best to walk away from an unhealthy relationship especially if it involves abuse, control, manipulation, entrapment and codependency issues – which in most on/off relationship is the case.

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You wish you could be like other couples who could stay together long enough to keep things public. This type of relationship is emotionally draining to those involved, not only because of the neverending repetitive cycle, but because it’s isolating.Then go through and cross off any that don’t relate to the person’s character, core values, compatibility, and how the situation has changed since last time.