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Twelve mosques from Mamluk and Ottoman times have survived along with an equal number of madrassas.Secular buildings include hammams (public baths), which followed the classical pattern of Roman-Byzantine baths and the khan.Rival politicians in the city and beyond were accused of arming local militants, fuelling those clashes.However, the end of the violence was not the end of Tripoli's many woes, and today, immigration to Europe from Tripoli via Turkey is fast becoming a major issue.

The city flourished under Muslims as many of its principal monuments goes back to the Islamic times such as the Great Mosque and the Mosque of Taynal (built with elements from ancient and Crusader monuments), madrassas (theological schools), khans (caravansary), souqs (bazaars), and the famous Assiba Tower which was built by Mamluks in the 15th BC.45 buildings in the city, many dating from the 14th century, have been registered as historical sites.Ferry to Europe It was therefore no surprise that a ferry line between Tripoli and the Turkish shore, launched three years ago, became part of the migration route for refugees and asylum-seekers bound for Europe.In recent months, the ferry line carried nearly 30,000 passengers each month.It is a gateway for Syrian refugees fleeing to Europe via Turkey and the Mediterranean Sea and lies on a simmering sectarian fault line between the majority Sunnis, supported by the Saudis who have long ties here, and minority Alawites - an offshoot of the Shiite sect backed by Syria's regime. "We get weapons from our friends and our family and our brothers, and we buy them from the black market.

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In Lebanon there are many, many black markets for weapons.Before you enter your personal details, please check that you are using our secure online registration system.