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19-Jul-2017 20:36

From the spooky Spaghett to the terrifying child clowns, Tim and Eric go where no comedians have gone before.Their strange edits and grainy cinematography are enough to make anyone laugh in confusion, but then they jump out with spoofs and goofs that really push it over the top.Awards: The Contenders “We kind of bonded, started making videos together, and made up these fake funny bands,” recalls Wareheim, biting into a sandwich on lunch break.“On the weekends, Tim and I would get cameras and just fuck around and use the film school as a place to learn how to edit and all that kind of silly stuff.It's a mix of deadpan sketches with offbeat characters that Wareheim and Heidecker sometimes play so straight – the comedy so dark – that first-time viewers might miss the joke.For example, Wareheim and Heidecker portray The Breadheads – pregnant, single-mom groupies of a swarthy children's song performer.As film majors at Temple U., future Abso Lutely Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (aka “Tim and Eric”) were already on the fast track to becoming a comic force with which to be reckoned.

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